Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unscripted Sketches #125 - Hola!

I've been bad about incorporating my cultural background and language in my items lately.  A lot of it has to do with the minimal amount of embellishments that are available, but I own a cricut....I could make my own words (if anything, righ?).  Well, I also own a ton of stickers - so it was time to consciously make something that at least included the language.

I decided to use the Unscripted Sketches #125 challenge as a way to add some Spanish language sentiments.  Kept this one simple because there were already a bunch of words on the frame.  I guess this is more of a Spanglish card...chuckling to myself right now.   I also didn't exactly copy the layout as I've done in the past...this is my interpretation.

I also wanted to try out a particular "feel" for the card.  I've seen a lot of talented designs that layer and layer 3 dimensional items.  It's most often a vintage look, but I decided to try it out with brighter and bolder colors.  I'm not sure it's really my style, but it is an interesting design that I'm going to need to play with more and more.

The frame on this card is actually metal, so the card is pretty heavy.  I'll have to be ready for the extra postage on this one.  Ha!


  1. I love this card. It is completely not my style, but I so intend to steal your thought process here. I love the layered look, but get tired of it looking washed out. The bright colors give it new life. This is the perfect card for that person who isn't elegant, but not silly either. I even love the Spanglish. I heard it all the time growing up in San Antonio. Thanks for using the sketch at Unscripted Sketches.

  2. This is just so pretty! Love your take on the sketch~ Thanks for playing at Unscripted Sketches~!

  3. Thanks ladies! I totally had fun with sketch and style...totally not my typical fashion either but it was nice to go out of my comfort zone and use up some of these supplies that I've had forever!

  4. Fabulous card, thanks for joining us at Unscripted Sketches!