Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Paper Variety Birthday Banner Challenge

This week's challenge on The Paper Variety blog asked us to create a birthday themed project that incorporated a banner. This month has been a month of trying to get over creative humps.

First it was to go Cricut-less...
Then it was to use digital stamps....
Then I forced myself to "like" markers...
And now pastels...

Why do I do this to myself?  Because I'm often contracted to make albums for clients, I know that my design preference may not always be the preference of my client.  So I often force myself to try new techniques and color schemes so that I'm kind of prepared in the future.

And let's face trying new things, I often find new things I love.

This card?  Love....not so much, but it's cute.  I probably would like it better in another color palette, but I promise to not give up on playing with pastels (outside of baby focused items).  Try try again, right?!


  1. I think these colors are wonderful. Great sentiment. I love the layout of the card. Wonderful job. Thanks for celebrating with us at The Paper Variety.

  2. I like the color scheme. I usually reserve this type for Easter or babies, but it works here too!