Saturday, September 3, 2011

A FUNny afternoon

Today I spent some time with a friend I've neglected for some time.  She had a fun activity for us to try, and I went with it.  

My adorable friend Carina is someone who really believes in psychics, mediums, ghosts, etc.  So today she invited us all to take part in a tarot card reading.  The price wasn't crazy, so I said why not.  This will be fun, if nothing else.

Do I believe?  Hmmmm....I'm in the grey.  I believe that there really must be some people that are given the ability to see things (I mean, you hear stories of mediums who help in criminal investigations from time to time - and that's cool), but I also believe that there are a ton of charlatans who take advantage of folks.

So what happened?
Well, I spent the first half of the reading just chuckling and smiling because it was all good news (REALLY good news).  I was also the first reading of the group, so I assumed everyone else would have good readings (they didn't).  There were a few moments that I thought were "interesting" but everything was still pretty general so I didn't pay too much attention to the details - which she noticed.

Then she hit me with something that there is no way she could have obtained from my responses or body language!

She said to me...."Your mom has been having issues with her legs for some time now.  Recently something has aggravated that a bit more, but she is hopefully seeing a doctor that is helping her."  

This is where I momentarily froze. 

My mom has two herniated discs that sometimes pinch a nerve and cause her major pain.  When flaring up, she has difficulty walking long distances.  This has been going on for a few years now.  What was the recent aggravation?  Well, my mom (a pedestrian) was hit by a car.  She's fine, but the car impact rotated some discs in her spine and she is going through therapy.  To say that I was a little weirded out is an understatement.

How could she know that?!!!!  My friend Carina didn't even know that!

So.....I've decided to write this post as a way of remembering what she told me today.  Let's see how it all plays out, shall we?

1. She kept saying I work with paper as she reading my cards.  The reading was in Spanish so it took me awhile to figure out what she was implying.  It was so confusing for her that at some point she asked if I was a secretary or lawyer.  I was confused by the question and told her no, why?  She then told me that there is something I do for "work" where I use a lot of paper.  She says I'm surrounded by paper all the time.  Ummm...I think we all know what that is, don't we?

2. She said I'm not great with money but I'm not awful with it.  Sometimes I overspend, but that I've always managed just fine.  I'm not in a pinch.  True statement.

3. She flat out told me (looked me straight in the eye) that I had somehow started to convince myself that my time was up for love and a family.  Hmmmm.....maybe I've been toying with that idea, but I don't know if I've fully decided that as my fate.  She laughed and said that I totally hadn't escaped the path of love.  I'm apparently going to meet the love of my live in 6-7 months.  He is going to be a very good, good man.  A wealthy man, and a fantastic individual.  She said she was envious about what she saw.  From her mouth to God's ears please :)  March and April it is!

4. I will have a son.  She wasn't sure if it would be a natural birth or an adoption, but that I would be a mom.  Again...from her mouth to God's ears please!

5. My "business" would have more than one track to it....she was totally confused by this.  She said she didn't understand scrapbooking at all, but that she saw me having more than one business.  She kept talking about a chain of goods (or stores) with many facets.  She said that there would be a man and woman who would help me with these businesses - either as investors or partners.  Considering I've been working through my business goals and streams of passive and active income, I thought this was a very interesting statement and one I also hope comes into fruition.

6. My husband will be Polish or Italian from what she sees. Living in Chicago, that's pretty likely, though I can't really say I've been attracted to men of this ethnic background in the past. 

7. She kept chuckling and saying she needed to surround herself with me because I would be successful in business and in my marriage.  The coins kept coming up every time she talked about either one.  Keep your fingers crossed!

So lots of really good stuff....I literally laughed and smiled the whole time.  Not sure how much, if any of it will be true, but if this is the vision she has for my future, I sure hope her putting it into words will help me get to something similar.  

Who doesn't want to be happily married with a family and successful business, right?


  1. That all sounds amazing! I especially liked the part where you will marry a wealthy man! ;-) I can't wait to see all this pan out for you. If anyone deserves it, it is you!