Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Declutter tackle - for the 500th time

So I think this is my year of don't put off stuff....and start to really tackle my major to do lists.  I'm a girl that loves a list but even I can overwhelm myself!

I've realized that my To Do lists keep growing because there isn't a huge plan on how to tackle the routine stuff. Couple that with a new job that had me working 72 hours a week for about 2 months, and you can just imagine how the list kept growing and how many routine items were left untouched.

I had recently come across a book on sale called Organize Now! It's a week by week guide that goes through 56 weeks of weekly exercises and suggestions to tackle the clutter.  I love lists that give you incremental successes so this seemed perfect for me.  I started to tackle the craft room in a similar way, and the part that I did finish (before my new job) has remained in order and has helped me find the items I need much quicker.

So why not try this book out right?  Well...I've only just begun, but there was one suggestion in the beginning that asked you to create a chore calendar/schedule.  The chore calendar was focused on families and how to help delegate the many items.  I thought this might be helpful for me too.

After some help from a great find on Pinterest...I came up with my weekly list.  I'm already behind (as I just started this tonight), but I'll catch up!

I've also decided to add a reward component to trying to make these items into daily habits. I've been dying to schedule a mani/pedi...but I've decided that I'm not allowed to get one until I accomplish 1000 tasks.  At 2000, I can get a massage.  After that, I hope I'll no longer feel that these items are overwhelming and no longer warrant a reward!

My hope is that by having the routine stuff really become routine and more efficient, I can focus on some of my other major goals and projects.

Below is my calendar....please feel free to borrow and adapt to fit your needs.

Daily Items 
do dishes
take out trash
wipe down stove & kitchen countertop
wipe down bathroom sink & mirrors
make bed
do laundry
clean kitty litter box

Mondays (Kitchen & Dining Room)
sweep & mop
clean baseboards
wipe down walls
wipe down doors
wipe down cabinet doors
clean fridge (inside & out)
dust dining room
clean small appliances (microwave, toaster oven, blender, etc.)
dust blinds
wash windows
dust ledges
remove cobwebs

Tuesdays (Living Room)
seep & mop
clean baseboards
wipe down walls
dust TV/entertainment center
vacuum furniture
dust blinds
wash windows
remove cobwebs
clean off surfaces (coffee table, side table)

Wednesdays (Bedroom & Bathroom)
dust furniture
dust counters
wipe down walls
wipe down doors
clean mirrors
clean baseboards
change sheets
change towels
put away clean clothes
clean toilet
clean bathtub/shower
clean vanity
organize linen closet

Thursdays (Laundry Room & Reading/Exercise Nook)
sweep & mop
dust blinds
wipe down washer & dryer
clean water fountain (my cat's)
dust off exercise equipment
wash windows
declutter shelf
dust shelf

Fridays (Craft Room)
declutter desk
dust off blinds
clean windows
sweep & mop
conquer at least 2 bags/boxes from move that are still to be unpacked/sorted

Saturdays (Hallways, Entrance Stairway)
tackle one major declutter item (mail, old clothes, craft room, etc.)
sweep & mop 
wipe down doors
clean mirrors
schedule 1-2 hours to read something fun!

Sundays (Craft Room & Groceries)
buy Sunday paper
clip coupons
buy groceries
plan out weekly menu
cook some meals for the week
conquer at least 2 bags/boxes from move that are still be unpacked/sorted in craft room
schedule 1-2 hours of crafting fun! (plan projects, card club cards, cards for RMHC)