Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm totally blushing

I was totally planning to post a different blog this evening, but then I checked my email.  I had a two sentence email from a long-time friend. 

Subject:  Still Single?!
Message:  My brother is calling you!

I totally thought he was messing with me, but I soon discovered that he was serious.  What?! 

I started to nervously laugh as I thought about how to respond.

I have never been set up before....let alone to one of my friend's siblings!  I'm actually quite touched that my first potential set-up (yes, I'm keeping the option open...not slamming the door shut this time like I usually do) is with someone who is most certainly protected by his brother too.  Very interesting.

I'm literally giggling at the thought cuz I can't believe I just got that email.

Oh this year has already turned out to be quite interesting.  Let the good times continue!