Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm working on some stuff

That I can't show here!!!

Makes me so sad...but one of my BFFs, Sogol, is having a baby soon and there is a committee planning out the fun-filled baby shower.

I would love to show some of the stuff I'm playing with but Sogol has to be such a bad friend.  She supports me so much...she's one of my avid followers and so I can display the progress or items I'm toying with for decorations and/or invitations. 

Darn her amazingness!

I'll just have to share pictures after the party next month.

My mama's flowers

I totally forgot to take a picture with my real camera, but my mother LOVES I decided to make her a cute DIY project inspired from this blog.  It was pretty easy to make - the hardest part was finding pre-cut felt flowers.

I thought for sure that Archivers would have them - but no luck (gasp!).  I then went next door to the Jo-Ann Fabrics and almost walked out of the store empty handed until I decided to take a stroll in the button section (for sewing).  On a side panel, I found a few small bags containing various colored felt flowers.  BINGO!

I then stopped by Pier 1 Imports and picked up a cute little bud vase.  Voila...instant crafty flowers for my mama.

Even my feline assistant sat back and watched as I assembled the little bouquet to go along with mom's card and actual gift.  Yay for cute fun projects!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm being featured on One Pretty Thing tonight!

My paper tamale tutorial is going to be featured on One Pretty Thing via my posting on the Charity Wings site! It's part of their Cinco de Mayo round-up.  

My project is listed on the same page as projects from other national blogs I love and projects from Martha Stewart herself!  Pinch me now!

had to capture a screen shot to share with you all

So excited that people are enjoying my silly creation...and I'm even more excited that Charity Wings will get some exposure on that site.  Very, very cool!