Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snOMG 2011....Snowtorious BIG Chicago

A little bit of perspective

this was the view last night at 9:30pm.  We hadn't had much this was already a lot.

my view this morning at 7:45am.  Ummmm....apparently that's about 18 inches of snow (what you see are the results of some snow drifts).  And no, that's not my car....but my car is on the opposite side of the street!  Here's hoping these cars helped keep off a chunk of that snow!

The best/worse part?

It just starting snowing AGAIN!

Thankfully my apartment did not lose power like the 50K+ people in the Chicagoland area.  I don't even know what Charlie and I would have done then.
Oh wait....we'd do this. (He's been curled up in different locations throughout the house since yesterday).

Good luck Northeast coast friends - I hear you'll get more ice than snow :(  That's gotta not be good in a whole different kind of way.


  1. All of your little names for this storm tickle me and I am not sure I can avoid stealing them!

  2. I can take no credit for any of them! I saw them all on facebook from other folks, twitter or the news. So steal away!