Saturday, February 12, 2011

The continual reorganization

If you have had the pleasure to come and scrap at my house, you know that I am in dire need of some professional organizational help!

I actually find it comical that my home space is not as anally organized as my work space.  Maybe it's because I spend more hours at work or because I'm constantly paranoid that I'll be out and a colleague will need some file.  Guess I'm being a considerate co-worker, huh?

So why can't I be as considerate with myself and my scrapbooking items?!  I'm nice enough to have a separate room for them, but boy oh boy do I have a mess of stuff!  I actually recently entered a Container Store contest hoping to get some funds to organize the room.  Here is the photo I submitted:

You can see the pockets and attempts to organization. Some of my items are organized but don't let the bins and storage containers fool you.  Some of those are just stuffed randomly!  Ugh!

And as many of you know, I've recently fallen in love with my Cricut Expression machine...the BEST purchase made to date.  Well, as I get lucky enough to purchase more and more cartridges...I'm starting to realize that their product packaging takes a ton of unnecessary space.  The hunt for the best storage began.  Cricut hasn't really made a great one - though they do have an option.

Snapcessories has a cute option that holds 8 cartridges.  It's stackable with other variations of the inserts (to store different things).  I only have 9 cartridges and was considering this option because I liked one of their other units that stores Stickles.

Today, I was going to purchase the Caddy, but was going through my email first.  I was super excited to find an email from Tiffany Spaulding about an upcoming storage unit that meets more of my needs.  It's the perfect size to put on my shelf and to put in my rolling carrying case.  So I purchased it today and can't wait for it to arrive.

This unit holds 16 cartridges and their accompanying booklets and key pads.  As I know have 10 (or 11) cartridges, this is now the perfect find for me!

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  1. I love the idea, but with over 100 carts this would be costly. I love that I get to store them all in my G!