Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cutest Baby Card - design from Cricut Magazine

Here I go again...I'm about to write another glorious post about my Cricut Expression. If you're tired of hearing it - you're gonna have to get over it because I am more and more amazed by all the fun things I can do with it.

My co-worker is a new aunt (yay!), and she had asked if I would make her nephew a card.  Of course I said yes....I think I was just as excited to await his arrival.

Well, I recently joined the Cricut Circle blog and subscribed to the magazine.  O-M-G....the Feb/March 2011 issue has such cute ideas, and I saw a card in there that I knew I had to produce in my own version.

How cute is this card?!  

Side note, my inspiration was on page 22 of the magazine.  The person who designed it also did some stitching on her version, but I'm not very comfortable with using a sewing machine on paper yet.  However, tomorrow, I am getting a cool stitch guide from Stampin Up! that will let me create a cool stitching effect.  Can't wait to pick that up!  I curse it out everytime I've used it from friends because it takes so long, but the look is incredible.

So what was involved in this cute creation?  Two cartridges:  Plantain Schoolbook and New Arrival.

Plaintain Schoolbook
The base stars are 5.5 inches (roly poly item).  
The top printed star is 5 inches. 
I think made a small star (I think it was 1.25 inches) 
and a small tag (1 inch).

The word boy came from the New Arrival cartridge (the whole cutout says "It's a Boy!"  I think this was a 2 inch size.

To attach the two green stars, I just had to score the top "point" of the back star and adhere the top star to that portion.  This allows for the card to open up and lay flat for writing.  Who knew that's all you needed to create such a fun effect.  I can't wait to try the same technique with another shape!

Also, I'm eager to make some cards this weekend.  Cricut magazine put out a call out for submissions for future issues.  So I've got to get creative.  I think I'm going to try and make some Spanish cards to stand out from the pack!

One of my goals this year is to get published in a national scrapbooking publication - so why not start here!


  1. Love the card, so simple, but I never would have thought of it!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Missie!