Friday, February 4, 2011

Digging out

Well after three days of not leaving the house, I decided it was time to venture outside and check on the car.  As I opened the back door, all I could do was smile.  I was greeted by this cute sight.

a FAT snowman!

After I giggled a bit at the hilarity of his enormous body, I walked to the front of the house to check on my car.  This was the state of affairs.

Hmmm....couldn't really get in through the front driver's side door.  Thankfully the snow was blowing perpendicular to the car, so I was able to get in through the passenger door to turn it on.  I'm so thankful for a new car....batteries were new and doors weren't sealed shut.

Then I pulled out the shovel and proceeded to dig away.  Oh boy!  Some of the snow was light and fluffy yet a mess of it was super heavy from where the salt had melted it but that cold temps had frozen to shear ice chunks.  Note to of the many benefits of a husband/boyfriend include moments just like these.

Gratefully, my upstairs neighbor saw me and came out to help!  I also have a sneaking suspicion that he threw out the garbage bag I had at back door to throw out when I came out.  I heart him and his family - they are the best!  We dug a driveable path and cleared the doorway.

1.5 hours later, I've decided that there is no way in hell I'm moving the car this weekend.  I would rather take a cab to brunch tomorrow than move the car and have to shovel AGAIN!  The expense is so worth it!

I'm also trying to figure out what furniture I can put outside to save my space.  I totally hate those people....because I think the street is public property.  However, these lazy dummies who won't clear their spaces/sidewalk make me angry, and thus I don't they deserve my hard work.  Hmmm.....but I don't really have anything I can put outside.  I gotta think of something though for Monday!

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