Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laura Bray - I heart her!

As if I haven't already raved about my CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) webcast experience...but I gotta throw out some love to the super adorable Laura Bray.

You see....while on the webcast, we were introduced to many, many designers and manufacturers. Those that came to interact with us viewees were subjected to our silliness and our questions.  The top two questions that always came up were - "what's your website?" and "do you have blog?"

Laura was kind enough to share all the info with us, and I remember that she mentioned that she also had a newsletter that we could sign up for that would give us some tips on starting our own business.  She jokingly stated that she wanted to put her MBA to good use :)  Having learned a little bit more about her now, I chuckled.  She clearly had already put her MBA to great use and was now continuing to do so while pursuing her passion.

Enter me.....I have an MBA....and I want to figure out how to fully invest my time and resources into the crafty world.  So OF COURSE I signed up!

When you sign up, it asks you to tell Laura a little about yourself and to give her an idea of what you might want her to address in the newsletter.  I thought that was a great way of sampling her readership - a mini focus group.

Little did I expect that she would not only respond in great detail (with some great business suggestions), but she also checked out my homemade website.  

I was soooo tickled and touched that she would take some time out for me.

Very, very cool!


  1. I cherish my newsletter readers. I mean you are signing-up to receive my "pearls of wisdom" in your already full Inbox. It's really an honor. Thanks for the return love. I'll be sending you another email soon. Let's stay in touch. Good luck with your business!

  2. see?! I heart, heart, heart her :)