Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Rubber Cafe - Banner Challenge

Last week, there was a funny hiccup on the Rubber Cafe blog...the poor blog writer was soooo swamped that she forgot add the little widget that allowed people to submit their banner challenge submissions. It was supposed to be challenge #30, but this week it's been folded into challenge #31.

Well, that little hiccup helped me out a ton because I didn't have time to create one in time to post, but because the challenge was extended one week, I had the chance to catch up.

I will immediately apologize for the poor photo.  I finished this project last night (a pre-made album for a baby shower today), so I had terrible lighting and not enough time to take a better picture.

Anyway, I used a baby onesie banner on my cover page to the album for my cousin's soon-to-be-born little girl, Ariana.

I'll have to try and steal it back one of these to days to take better pictures.  Little Ariana isn't due until October so I have some time before mom and dad have photos to add :)

And for my friends that know me....this is probably my first pre-made album ever.  It was soooo hard!  I live for creating with images and found it quite challenging to create layouts that were "generic" enough to support any kind of imagery.  I plan to incorporate pre-made albums into my scrapbook business this year, so I need to start creating soon.  I also have to be careful about other manufacturer items (like stamps), because I can't legally use their products for my business.  Oh the challenges!  At least all the restrictions were removed when it came to my cousin's album because it was a gift!

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