Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Papel Picado

I'm learning a new technique that I cannot wait to incorporate into my scrapbooking!  I'm learning how to make my own papel picado.  I started this course last be ready for more samples.

Papel picado is a craft made out of paper that is cut into elaborate designs.  Although it's a Mexican folk art, there are many other countries that use this holiday decoration.  The designs are most commonly cut for tissue paper and used in making banners.

I'm NOWHERE near skilled enough to try this one delicate tissue paper, but maybe after my class is over, I will be :)  I'm taking the class through a Crafty Chica web course....her husband Patrick is teaching the class.  It's soooo cool to learn from such a talented family!

Anyway, here was my first "flag".  Patrick gave us a pattern to cut and our job was to practice cutting - especially the curved lines.  My lines aren't perfect, but they sure got better as I went through the whole pattern.  I can't wait to start designing my own layouts and trying to add them to my pages!

Charlie decided he didn't like being ignored as I labored over the tiny cuts.  So he joined me on the craft table - but didn't bother me at all.  You can see I'm working on half a sheet (it's folded)...this helps you achieve a symmetrical look.

This is the completed final version. So pretty!

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