Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Card Chain Challenge (Lily Pad Cards)

For this month's card chain challenge, I chose to use the sketch provided to make a meaningful card.  I'm struggling with not knowing how I can impact the relief efforts in Somalia, and it was weighing heavily on my mind yesterday.

Here is the sketch we were given for this month's challenge.

I thought the sketch was pretty simple to follow and gave me the freedom to play around with my sentiment. 

Let's show the people of Somalia "we care" by not only doing what we can to help in the relief efforts, but by also promising not to forget them when the awful tragedy lessens/improves.  I think many people have forgotten that the Horn of Africa went through a similar famine and drought about 20 years ago.  It sickens me to know that despite having witnessed the atrocities then, we as a world have yet to figure out how to help prevent such tragic situations from reaching the epic proportions that we see today.


  1. woww i like your card, great job with the sketcha and the problem in Somalia is terrible.

  2. I know :( it makes me so sad everytime I read the news.