Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The pinata card

Being of Mexican decent, I often struggle with not being able to find embellishments, stamps or papers that represent my heritage.  It's fun when tools like the Cricut Expression can help me achieve something so personal.  Here, I've chosen to make a traditional pinata.  The five point star pinata is seen at Christmas time, birthday parties, etc.  It's the standard shape.  This design has been in my head forever, so it was fun to make it happen.

Machine used:  Cricut Expression

Various colored cardstock - solid colored
DMC embroidery floss - number 762
Stampin' Up! Frases Basicas - Feliz, Cumpleanos

Cricut cartridges and cuts

Plantin Schoolbook - roly poly, star, 5.5 inches (cut three times)

Directions1. Cut three stars (sizes and cartridge above)
2. Cut 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch strips of various colored paper
3. Attach tiny rectangular strips onto one star in whatever pattern you like
4. Cut 1 inch long strands (all 6 strands of the floss) of embroidery floss
5. Bunch 5 strands per point of star and use a 1-strand thin floss to tie them at the very edge....make it look like the floss is coming out of the point.

Because I taped the floss to the back of the star, I matted the back with a duplicate star (like a cover).

On the third cut out star, I scored the top and attached to the others to make the card.

I sort of over did it with the liquid glue, so if chosen for the Cricut magazine, I promise to make a cleaner version - no glue smears for the photographs!


  1. How cute! Thank you for playing along with Card Cupids this week.

  2. What a neat idea!! A pinata!! Love it!
    Thanks for joining the challenge over at Card Cupids =)

  3. Great star card!!!Thanks for being with us this week at Card Cupids...

  4. aw thanks, ladies! I'm having a lot of fun with these challenges! Yay Craft Month!

  5. Very cute! Thanks for joining the Card Cupids challenge this week.

  6. This project reminds me of the Christmas lanterns in the Philippines... tfs! :)