Monday, March 21, 2011

Blanca's Baby Shower Gift

For almost 4 years now, I have taken dance lessons at a great studio in Chicago called Latin Rhythms.  I've made some great friends and learned a lot.

One of the people I met early on was a very young instructor - trained in dance - by the name of Blanca.  There was a group of instructors in her age group and I was often left in awe of their incredible artistic beauty and seriously fit bodies.

It came as no surprise to me that Blanca was also a yoga instructor. Her calming spirit was infectious and she was effortlessly beautiful.  So I wasn't surprised to see this incredible photo of her today...

Kristie Kahns Photography

I can't even do that on my own (with my own single occupancy body)....she's super woman!

The studio and her family surprised her with a shower this weekend, so I put a little something together to add to her unique essence.

I wanted to give her a little something she could reuse but that also spoke to her creativity.  I thought a cute little alterable pail with a fun future message would be a great substitute "bag" for my gift.

I forgot to write down what papers I used, but the scrapbook baby pattern I had had these adorable little images in blocks.  I cut out the cute ducky and glued it onto a rosette.  If you've ever made a rosette, you know how difficult they can be!

See the cute baby paper?  I then added a few ribbon strands on the handle and some buttons on the blue strip I adhered to the outside of the pail.

I then added a quirky card...totally simple to make with the silhouette found on the Cricut New Arrival cartridge.  

Simple to make but what a fun effect!


  1. Can't do that either! I'll probably end up killing myself if I even attempt LOLz...

    The baby shower gift and card are awesome! Love them both!

    About your questions, my friend Joan and I are already discussing it and I think we have to rectify the "2 comments = 1 official entry" rule for NCM. I think it just confuses everyone. But let me get back to you as soon as I settle and clear everything with Joan. Again, thank you so much for participating in our NCM challenge.

  2. I like how Green this is. I'm starting to not like the idea of gifts bags, and reuseable bags are a great substitute for gift bags as well as using a container like this.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for joining us in celebrating National Craft Month :)