Tuesday, March 15, 2011

15 days of March = 15 new projects completed

When I started my March posts, I declared that I would try to make a project for every day of National Craft Month.  I would have ideally liked to post one each day, but that hasn't quite happened....there are often days where I post many things at once.

So today I decided to check on my count...and boy was I happy to discover that today, the 15th of March marks my 15th project (below).  How fun!  This post would have actually counted as my 16th post, but I had to take down one of my submissions on behalf of the company that will publishing it in one of it's books.  So I'll let that one slide ;)

I have a long scrapbooking crop ahead of me this weekend, so I'm hoping to make up for my time away from home next week.  I'm going to Puerto Rico for my best friend's wedding!  Woo hoo!!!!  I'll have lots to make up when I get back (unless I save some to post while away - we'll see).

I've made a lot of the stuff for my BFF's wedding, and I'll post pics of the items after I get back...I want to take pictures of  them in the full element of the wedding decor.

On to today's project!  Last week was one of my favorite kids' birthdays.  He's not my god-kid and he's not related to me, but boy do I think he's great.  March 9th marked the celebration of Finnr's 11th's birthday!  I totally missed it...but that was no excuse to leave him card-less.

So early this morning, I cranked out a simple, fun card for him to hopefully receive tonight (if dad remembered to give it to him of course).

You might be wondering why it says Red Wedge.  Well....my red-headed cutie pie is a soccer star.  He's smaller in stature but his skill level has awarded him the chance to play in older boy leagues, which only makes him appear even smaller.  But that does not stop this dynamo!  He intercepts plays like no other...he's a little red wedge in their plans.  I've only had the chance to see pics of this happening and hope to one day be on the side lines cheering my buddy along.

Red Wedge's cool mom (Chef Mel) took this pic for me....isn't he just the cutest!  I heart him!
Cricut cartridges and cuts
Ashlyn's Alphabet
block setting - "Red Wedge" - 1 inch

[1-s] - 1.5 inches

"happy birthday" - 1.25 inches


  1. He loved loved loved it! I posted a pic of him with your card tonight!!! xoxo

  2. This is such a super sweet card! :-)

  3. What a fun card and it looks like he is really enjoying it. It's great that you've been able to create so much this month!