Friday, October 7, 2011

A little card cupid named Izzy

As many of you know, I recently joined the Design Team for Card Cupids.  I've had so much fun creating cards of inspiration for the readers.  I hope I've helped inspire them to send in cards for all the work that Card Cupids does in the DC/Virginia area. 

It may seem kind of funny for a Chicagoan to be helping a non-profit that has no immediate benefit to my community, but I believe that supporting agencies that do great work is good karma.  And when it comes to work with kids...well forget about it...I'm all ready to do what I can.

So this week's challenge (coming up on Sunday) will be to use punches in your creations.  I had fun trying out old techniques and discovering a new punch (from Creative Memories) that I may need to own - just look at those bubbles I used as rain!

These adorable digital stamps are from Some Odd Girl! digital stamps.  I love their stuff - such cute characters.

Anyway, who is Izzy?  Well, in one (actually TWO) of the blogs I participate in for challenges, we learned that a design team member had stepped down because her daughter Izzy was just diagnosed with leukemia.  There is actually another blog where the exact same thing happened - what are the awful chances?!

No parent or little bug should have to go through that, but I'll be keeping these little sprinkles of joy in my prayers.  I may not know them personally, but I know well wishes are always good.

One of the blogs is actually collecting cards for their team member's child - Izzy.  I've decided to send these two cards in the hopes that she'll like the cute little girls on the cover.  One card will be from me, and the other is coming from Charlie the cat (the playful card, of course!).  Hope I can put a little smile on her face during this tough time.  Go Izzy, Go!

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