Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogiversary Recipe Challenge

I can't believe I actually finished all the challenges!  I almost didn't make it on this one...I have to go to sleep.  I'm doing a 5K tomorrow! Eek!

I pulled out some scraps and used a fun cartridge to use all the colors in a celebratory way :)

I cheated with the title by choosing a cricut cut that gave me a tag with wording.  Yup, I think I am pretty clever.  Ha!  You can tell I'm getting loopy!

Anyway, the recipe called for 1 title, 2 cricut cuts and 3 buttons.  I've got 5 buttons...but who is really counting?

happy, tag - 1.5 inches
hat4 - 3 inches
hat4-s - 3 inches
hat3, shadow - 3 inches
hat4, shadow - 4.25 inches

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