Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Scrap Mania

Today was Super Bowl Sunday and how did I spend it?  Why scrapbooking, of course!  In honor of all the madness on Super Bowl Sunday, Archivers hosted a 7 hour scrapmania.  I know that probably seems like an eternity to many of you.  Ha!

Elisa, Katwanya and I arrived at different times, but when together, we started on our projects.  Without solid plans, we spent a lot of time catching up and laughing at our crazy mess.  Though not in the comfort of our homes, our table resembled what it looks like most of the times.  Like this:


Well...maybe not quite like this.  We were a little more respectful of each others' space, and the fact that we were out in public helped control the chaos.  

In order to help you understand a scrapper's process...look at our table.  Though chaotic, we honestly feed off the colors and textures around us. Often times, we'll be stuck.  We'll stare at a potential page for minutes on end and then start to look around the table.  Scanning what's around, someone will often be inspired and the scrapping commences.

Today, we were able to not only be inspired, but also inspired those around us.  Women of all ages and backgrounds laughed and scrapped.  While walking around the room, you'll hear people comment on someone's work or learn about new techniques.

Today, I learned about galaxy pens and the benefit of using embossing ink as opposed to versamark ink.  I know that I am a seasoned scrapper, but there is still a lot for me to learn.

So what did I work on?

Well, I finished a project that I started in September/October - an adorable baby album for my best friend's sister in-law.  I'll post some pics is too cute for words.  I love baby paper and embellishments!

Clearly, I still haven't started on my plan to make myself something (mentioned in my first post)!  I really need to come up with a plan for my project because I not only finished one album, but I started another gift.  LOL!

Goal for February....start something for me!

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