Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Introducing Josie

So I think I mentioned that I had just finished one of my many concurring projects - none of which meet some of my goals for starting this blog.  However, I still want to share the cuteness that is baby Josie.  Josie is the beautiful new baby girl of Shannon and Bruce.  Shannon is the sister of my best friend's husband.  He's also my buddy and has been a part of my life for a very long time.  Love him and his family to pieces!

His sister Shannon is a true gem....adorable....funny....talented swing dancer.  So when I learned she was going to be a mommy, I couldn't wait to celebrate.  I knew that I wanted to make a small brag book.  Shannon has always been very sweet about my scrapbooking, so I wanted to send her a little something.  Shannon lives in California, so I'm not sure when I'll get to actually meet Josie :(

Well, Josie was born months ago, and I'm just finishing my surprise gift because I finally got some great pics from aunt Sogol and uncle Aren.  I'm posting these images to show how simple and great a homemade gift can truly be....(not because I made it).

It helps that I had some incredible photographs....enjoy!

a simple cover


Josie and mommy


Josie and grandma and grandpa Jimenez


Josie and uncle Ryan (godfather) 


how beautiful is this kid?!


Josie and daddy again....and Aunt Bertha and Mary


a snuggle bug!


Some basic info on this's all handmade.  Using the zutter products, I used the 8x8 inch album covers.

The inside pages are made from thick cardstock and I used some predesigned baby girl paper.  I can't remember the brand, but I can find out if people are interested.  

It was relatively easy to make....I actually predesigned the layouts before receiving the pictures.  I then had to make the photos received fit the layouts made. to make! 

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