Friday, February 19, 2010

Scrapbook Cube


2010 is the year of not wasting for me......I've been on a mission to organize my scrapbook room so that I know what I have, use what I have, and stop wasting money on rebuying things that I already own.  
This scrapbook cube above is an example.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE giving gifts.  I clearly enjoy receiving gifts myself, but I much more enjoy watching people's surprised faces at a little token of love.

This cube is a special gift for my beautiful cousin/godsister/comadre in celebration of her newest addition, Calizta Azul and in celebration of her mothering.

Yoly has had a rough yet incredible year.....the result being this beautiful little girl - her first girl who will surely force her to love the color PINK!

So here are the pictures of the simple layouts (tried to keep the sides as flat as possible so she could sit the cube on every side with no problems).  You can clearly add a lot more embellishments to each side, but always remember that it needs to be able to sit securely - you wouldn't want it to topple and get damaged.

Here's hoping Yoly doesn't see my gift before I get the chance to give it to her next weekend - ha!




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