Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Not Fair!

I've previously mentioned that my friend Mike is revamping my web site.  Well, while I wait for the unveiling - it's gonna be a big surprise - I've been creating some fun new layouts/project and taking pictures of them that he can use.  However, picking the right photos is key....

THANK YOU facebook!  Yes, you read that right. 

Facebook and blogging have kind of turned me into a bit of a voyeur when it comes to photos.  I love looking at photos, especially of people's faces.  In fact, my favorite section of art museums tend to be the portrait section.  I love to look what is captured and try to decipher what that person was like, what they were thinking, etc.

So when I see a great picture, I remember it.  And my friend, Amy, posted one of those very memorable photos in December of 2008. 

So..........after an exhausting day at work yesterday, I came home on a mission.  I was going to unwind and destress by creating something.  And the something that I wanted to create involved a very specific picture.  Since this picture involved my friend Amy's kids, I first needed to make sure she was okay with it.  Thankfully, she's awesome and said to go crazy with this picture (and others that I like!).  Of course, Amy will greatly benefit from my voyeurism.  My goal is to eventually give her anything that I create that uses her images.

In the meantime, here is the first layout with my one of my favorite photos to date.

Just look at that picture of that poor child crying over the snow covered face.  I can hear Ellie crying, but I can also imagine Amy crying of laughter.  Case in point....Amy had to take this picture before she could help Ellie calm down.. Hilarious.

For people who are new to scrapbooking, I'd love to suggest that you browse the web for potential layout ideas.  There are many galleries in scrapbooking-focused sites that you can search.  I did a little hunting to see if anyone had done anything with snowball fights.  A couple of layouts pulled out and I used it to help inspire the final layout chosen.  
No idea is unique, per's what you do with an idea that makes your final product unique.  So if this layout intrigues you....borrow it and make it yours.

I absolutely love this vintage Christmas/Holiday paperpack by K& Company.  It's called the Peppermint Twist Deluxe Specialty Paper Pad.  Besides the actual scrapbooking paper, it also has a few embellishments/borders.  The snowflakes you see above are in the pack.  To make them stand out, I mounted them using sticky foam and I added a little bling.


I also had some snowflake confetti that came in white, silver and a pearly clear.  I really didn't want to distract from the great photos, but I did want to add a little texture to the page.  So I used a few of the clear pearly snowflakes and added a few more crystals for fun.
I had a ton of fun making this layout because I couldn't stop laughing at the picture.  Thanks for helping me unwind, was much appreciated!

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