Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Un Album de Recortes

Well, I've made it offiicial...I've just emailed my cousin to see if he would help me capture some pictures of the stuff I'm learning about the state of Durango.

The funniest part about all of this is the fact that I have to ask for his help in Spanish.

Now...don't get me wrong.  I speak Spanish well, but there are many, many words that I use in English that I don't normally use in Spanish.

Case in point....the word scrapbooking (as in the hobby or the verb) does not really exist in Spanish.  Thank goodness Alex has been in Chicago to visit and saw some of the stuff that I made.  So I know that once I danced around the word a bit and described an Album that he would know what I meant.  The closest thing I could come up with was "un album de recortes."  Recortes essentially means clips.

So I've made the request for my personal photographer.

And as a teaser....here is one of the pictures he has taken around town.
Isn't it beautiful?!


  1. great photo! btw, i love that you're doing this blog. i feel like such an awful friend for not realizing you were still doing the blog. but i finally figured out how to set things up on google reader so i won't miss a thing :)

  2. Ummm....you feel guilty?! Whatever!!! I'm not as savvy as you are...how do you email us when you post something new? I'm the one that should be apologizing.

    As for the photo, isn't that stunning. I've never been to where this place is but hope to return for a visit soon so my cousin can take me to these spots.