Monday, February 8, 2010

My February Project

In talking to my coworker a few moments ago, I had a revelation about what I should make my first project.  This project will help me meet both of my some culturally relevant stuff along with making myself something.

So what's my topic?

My Family's Homeland

I'm going to focus my first album on Durango, Mexico (the state where my parents were born and raised).  I'm not going to focus so much on my family, but on the actual history of the state and it's beatiful landscape.   I'm actually quite excited to start on this because there is a lot I don't know about the state.

You'll probably get to see sprinklings of my family, and I'm definitely going to urge my cousins to help me fill it with amazing photography.  My cousin Alex already has some great shots, but I definitely will need more.

Until then, I figured I should share a map of Mexico so that you can start to imagine what the landscape will be like.

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  1. Ohh...I can't wait to take this adventure with you!!