Sunday, February 7, 2010

My website is getting a facelift!

I love Michael Vazquez for a variety of reasons....

This week, I love the fact the he has decided to become web certified, and that his classes require him to work on various projects.  His dreamweaver class (I think that's what he's on right now) has challenged him to designed a multi-page site, and he has asked me to allow him to revamp my page.

I almost fell over when asked!  I have been dying to learn how to make my page better, but I work with what I can.  So much like this blog, I rely on templates to at least get my stuff out there.

So I'm UBER excited, but also nervous about giving him what he needs.  Not only does Mike have work to do, but I've been given homework.  I've worked diligently on a good portion of it and will work hard to get him the rest.

I cannot wait to see what he comes up with...he has full reign.

Before I go, I wanted to make sure to share a link to his incredible photography (one of the reasons why I love him)....his use of lighting, his unique perspective and patience to get a great shot is incredible.  Please visit and support if interested!  He's amazing!


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