Friday, January 29, 2010

I heart the dollar store

First thing first - hope you all enjoy the new layout.  I have to thank my friend, Katwanya, for the link to a site that gives you pre-designed layouts that are a bit more diverse than what's on blogger alone.  Until I learn how to do html or buy dreamweaver, this will have to do!

Anyway, I've stayed away from writing for quite some time.  Not only did I have a cold that drained me of all energy last weekend, I also felt guilty and silly writing about my scrapbook room during the crisis in Haiti.  Knowing that that will be on-going process, I've decided it's time to push forward this effort.  I will NOT forget about what's going on in terms of relief, so you may be getting some sprinklings of information in between scrapbooking postings.

As the title suggests....I LOVE my local dollar store!

Why?  Because I can buy a variety of sizes of tupperware to use for storage......yup....I've started to package up things nicely.

Let's start with some shots (just to remind you) of the state that my room BEFORE:

ths is the north side of scrapbook room (pre-organization)

this is the south of the room (pre-organization)

Well, thanks to the tupperware and some cute labels, the south of the room currently looks like this!  This is the state of my will look even better soon, I promise!

I'm cleary not done (just look at that middle shelf on the second row), but there has been some significant progress.  I've taken to putting as much stuff as I can into themes.


For larger themes (like my christmas and baby theme items), I'm using larger bins from target.  For $5, they were a great find.  Nice flat top for easy stacking and cute design.

Every time I walk into my craft room now, I smile.  I'm not half way done yet, but's nice to see how easy it will be to find stuff in the future.  Amazing!

Don't really know why I sat on my butt for so long....should have done this years ago!


  1. Glad you've found your creative energy again! I know this won't shift your focus away from Haiti, but allow you to move through this difficult time while taking a little time out to do something you love. Sometimes it is a good thing to take a break from a somber reality.

  2. WOW. that's like a dream closet. btw, what's the site that Katwanya showed you with the layouts? i need a revamp, too.