Sunday, January 10, 2010

The clutter visualized

I promised that I would eventually post pictures of the maddening clutter that I have accumulated in the most unorganized fashion possible.  I moved all the crap that was laying around my house into the scrapbook room, and this is what it ended up looking like.  Ugh....I can't believe I'm posting these images!

Oh the beauty of divine fate!
My computer won't let me upload the images!  I really can't stop laughing right now.  I'll have to try to upload them tomorrow from my work computer.  I know you are all dying to see what I mean (wink, wink).  As mortified as I am to post them, I know I'll be even more proud to post the after photos!

As are two photos from the scrapbook room:

I've been inspired to get my butt of the couch by the TV show Hoarders.  By inspired, I really mean motivated.  I am well aware that there are many tools and supplies in my scrapbook room that I do not use I need to go through my stuff and either donate them or chuck them.

Donating them to my little cousins who love crafts will probably be the way to go...but I also do not want to clutter up my relatives' homes.

Maybe one day this year, I'll actually have a clear understanding of my inventory - supplies and tools.  Wish me luck on the scrapbooking organization!

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