Friday, January 22, 2010

"Haiti we can see your Halo, I hope you don't fade away" - Beyonce

I've been neglecting the true purpose of my blog for quite some time....partly because it seems almost trivial to be blogging about cleaning up a mess of "extra" non-essential items when there is still so much sadness in Haiti.

I was about to relaunch my efforts tonight but then got side-swept by the beautiful Hope for Haiti fundraiser on TV.  I've cried my eyes out and donated more money.  I'm not a wealthy person by any means, but I have enough to share in times like these.  I haven't donated anything substantial, but I've donated to various organizations over the hope is that my mini-contributions will be compounded by the other mini-contributions out there.

My friend Dave is back from his trip.  He was fortunate to have students from his film program alive - can you even begin to imagine what that moment must have been like.  We must almost have hope!

Today, my friend James landed in Port-Au-Prince with Partners for Health.  James has several family members in Haiti.  I doubt he has a full account of everyone, but he is down there doing what he can as a physician.  I send him all my strength in courage.  What he'll see, what he'll experience....

Dear James - I hope you come back with personal stories of happiness (I pray that your family is okay), and with the incredible ability to convey the power of your culture....its beautiful strength and hope.

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I haven't abandoned my original quest of organizing my room....but it just doesn't seem as important to talk about right now.

Until that day....please give what you can.

There will much to do in the months/years to come to help Haiti.  I have another friend, Aicha, who has signed up to go on rebuilding mission.  Once I know with which organization, I promise to post information so that you support her efforts.

I'm beyond humbled by the greatness of my friends.

I'm also very, very lucky to work at an organization who has pledged to match a portion of our contributions.  Thank you to the University of Chicago Medical Center for doing what they can.  So if you want me to donate to my agency on your behalf and mine, let me know and I'll increase my contribution.


  1. What a beautiful program tonite. It is so comforting to see people come together, show empathy and charity when our fellow human beings suffer. My heart cries when I see little children much like my own in such desperate circumstances and I pray that God eases their suffering.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Each and every penny we can collectively scrape together to send to Haiti is money well spent. I will keep your friends in my thoughts as they head to Haiti. What a beutiful life you have, Nubia, to share a closeness with such giving, caring, and socially conscious people...not to mention those that moan about going through school garbage ;-).