Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh the clutter!

Like a true scrapbooker, I've managed to allow the supplies, tools and products to invade every aspect of my life.  The amount of stuff I own seems to be unmanageable because I've allowed for it to be in a state of constant chaos.

And living alone has become my excuse to let things get out of control to a whole new old roommates will surely recount stories of the scrapbooking invasion of the dining room table.  Imagine that...TEN FOLD.  Eek!

Until recently, I even had scrapbooking tools at my desk at work!

2010 will be the year of organization.  I'm too embarrassed to post pictures of the current state of my apartment, but I'll post some pics eventually of a toned down version of the chaos.  I promise, it will still be amazing to see.

Here is just a tiny example of what I mean:

Tonight, I'm removing any scrapbooking items from my bedroom into my scrapbooking room (yes, I have a whole room for supplies...yet the supplies are everywhere!).  Off I go...good night!

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