Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Below the chaos is beauty

While organizing my first section of the scrapbook shelf, I found some beautiful artwork made for me by two people I love to pieces. So the first thing I did, was find a place for them to be displayed. I'm sure they will both inspire me. If anything, they'll make me happy when I see them.

The top painting was made for me by my talented cousin, Marcela Chaidez de Nunez. While studying at the Art Institute of Chicago, she found a really cool niche when creating her pieces. I'll have to take a close-up one day to really showcase what I'm about to describe.

Marcy picks a book/magazine/newspaper and spend HOURS punching the pages with a hole puncher. She then empties out the hole puncher and uses the "dots" to create images or a textured background. She sometimes sews these dots together. I can't even begin to imagine how much time that takes! I'm sure she feels the same way about my scrapbooking.

In my calla lily painting , she then beautifully drew and painted the lillies for me in a red background. I remember she had asked me what color my bedroom was....she knew I would want to display this! Sorry it took so long, Marcy!

The finger painting below the calla lily painting was made for me by one of my godchildren. Jaiden, who lives in NH, sent me this great painting last year as a thank you for a birthday gift that I sent him. You can imagine my surprise when I found the envelope under the chaos of scrapbook supplies. I knew I had to put it up immediately

I can't wait to create scrapbook layouts with all these beautiful pieces of artwork around me!
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  1. Awwwww! That is so sweet! Jaiden is too cute! Marcy is so talented. I have been lucky to have seen that piece of artwork up close.