Monday, February 6, 2012

Second page of my art journal

In my previous post, I described the totally incredible free class that Liz Hicks is offering on creating an art journal.  It's a free class for this ENTIRE year - oh my!

Well, our second assignment was to use a piece of advertisement and use its element of design to drive the direction of our second page.  Because I just moved into a new apartment, I had very few magazines to leaf through but I grabbed a very old Oprah magazine as I went to day long crop.  I found a picture that looked promising and just allowed the creativity to happen.  I didn't over think, I just started drawing.

The one thing I promised myself this year was that I was going to create for me, so this art journal course is the perfect first project.  With the guided sessions spread out weekly, I will certainly create and complete something fun.

So anyway, this month's focus will be on Relationships...and I detailed out the three main sections I will focus on through my flower (as the advertisement highlights key aspects of the lotion).  I'll focus on my loving relationships with my family, my friends and my art (i.e. hobbies).

I'm really starting to enjoy my soft pastels - especially now that my cousin educated me about fixatives.  Oh the endless possibilities!


  1. Oh, I love how you did this. I am still working on mine.
    Keep smiling and creating

  2. This is lovely...the colours are soft and pretty and your flower is wonderful...i have now done mine yet tho will be very