Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Progressive Art Journal - week 3

I'm a week behind on my art journal class, but since I got home a little early today, I knew I wanted to tackle part of what I had thought to work on.

For this week, I wanted to play with glimmer mists.  I have a couple of colors, but I never use them!  They sit in my arsenal of supplies.  So I whipped them out and just had fun with them.  I also pulled out the acrylic daubers and splatter some paint spots on the pages.  Don't really like the color I chose to add to the misted pages, but it's not terrible.

For our week three class, we were supposed to focus on what's dear to our hearts.  I chose family (which can mean many different things to different people).  For family is super large and I needed to focus.  I chose to do a page on my parents.  I wanted to capture some notes about their personalities and some key dates.  I also want to make a page about my only sibling and my cat...but those will come next.

I really think most of my pages so far are BORING compared to the work I've seen on-line.  I know I'm a newbie and that the layering techniques and sketching/doodling I see will eventually become a part of my journalling.  However, I want it all now :)

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