Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday = My Mental Health Day

Well, not really....but I am calling in "sick" tomorrow because I don't have any personal days to use at the moment.  Tomorrow is the last day of CHA, and I do not want to miss it! 

More time at CHA = a gleefully happy me (as represented through Jaiden)

I've had sooooooooo much fun participating in the webcast this weekend.  I've had the chance to put designer faces to their product lines, and I've been able to ask questions.  It's been great seeing what's coming to stores soon and getting the chance to try some of the products out ahead of time.  In fact, I have a wish list growing exponentially as I spend more time at CHA.  I'm trying not to allow myself to purchase anything, but I did cave on a good deal on adhesives.  Ha!

This weekend has really fueled my hunger for figuring out a way to craft full-time.  If only it were as easy as snapping my fingers.  Alas, that possibility is far in the future, and I just need to start planning and executing my plans.

So here we go!

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