Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm officially published

So last year I mentioned that I had agreed to take on two blogging/writing posts on the topic of scrapbooking.  One is with a great agency based in California called Charity Wings (formerly Scrapbook Royalty).  I've been humbled to see all the great work that crafters involved with this agency have accomplished and can only dream to be a part of such great work for the years to come.

The other post I took was to be a contributor to an on-line magazine called LatinWebzine.  I'll be writing about the art of scrapbooking and how you can specifically tailor it to your cultural heritage.  For the magazine I'll clearly be focusing on Latino centered projects.

Sooooo....I had submitted an item before I left on vacation but of course my computer died.  I completely missed the fact that my article had in fact published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The best part is that my mom is part of my imagery for the article.  Ha!  She has noooo idea!

Please take a peek and subscribe to the magazine!  I'm so tickled right now.

Let my Martha Stewart empire building begin now....muhahahahaha!

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