Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craft & Hobby Association - my version of paradise

If you've known me long enough, you know a few things are very true of me:
  1. I love accessories - i.e. shoes, jewelry, purses
  2. I love sales/coupons
  3. I love crafts - every type imaginable, esp scrapbooking

So would it really be a surprise to you all if I told you that there is a trade show that is tailored to nutty people like me (in terms of crafting).  Well....that's the CHA show (Craft & Hobby Association)!  This weekend, it's taking place in California but lord help me in July when it comes to Chicago!

Anyway, through the blog that I have been writing for (Scrapbook Royalty), I was able to participate in a webcast that started this weekend.  My entrance fee benefited a great organization called Crops of Luv, which makes albums for families of terminally ill patients (originally started with terminally ill kids but they are expanding to adults and persons living with Alzheimer's).

I had a blast doing the make and takes today, and I'm eagerly awaiting what awaits tomorrow.  I was more tickled by the fact that my crafting idol, Crafty Chica came to say hi.  While they were talking to her, we were able to chat live with her.  Elena, the Executive Director of Charity Wings, told her about my paper tamales! and she was so excited about the very idea.  She wants to see how I did it?!  WHAT?!!!!!!!!

Hee hee hee.....I could not stop giggling at the fact that Crafty Chica wanted to learn from me!  Such a cool moment for me :)


  1. You did such a great job with this. I'm glad that you were able to take it on and be there all the time.

    Congratulations with Crafty Chica. I was listening when that happened and was so happy for you!

  2. Awwww....thanks Christine! I didn't do much but participate. You were totally missed! Hope you were able to log on a bit today.

    As for my Crafty Chica moment....I just couldn't believe that Elena kept talking about my tamales to everyone! It was like I had my own spokesperson!