Friday, January 28, 2011

I think I've been possessed!

So I am totally laughing at myself.....because I just looked into something that I would never, ever consider.  Yet I guess people would argue that my very "interest" means something.

I'm almost embarrassed to write about this...but I'm going to own this moment (even if I'm going to be teased endlessly by my friends!).

So.....tonight for some reason....I decided to look into e-dating sites!  You know the sites:  eHarmony, Highlife Adventures, etc.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

And no, I didn't sign up for one....the whole idea is kind of creepy.  I've always thought the concept of on-line dating was seriously disturbing.  I mean, how do you know these people aren't serial killers?!  I think I was momentarily possessed.

I guess I'm just finally starting to feel the itch - it's starting to feel like I'm never gonna meet my life get have my own traditional family.  And I'm being surrounded by people who are happy and moving into the next stage of adulthood, and here I am, living like a 20-something year-old (which I'm clearly not).  Friends are getting married, friends have had or are having babies, friends are buying property, friends have high level positions at work....

Gosh....this whole post sounds so pathetic, but I promised I would own the moment of silly weakness/self-pity.

My life is exactly where it is supposed to be, right?  Why try to rush any of it!

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  1. I (for one) don't think on line dating is silly. I know plenty of folks who've met their match that way. I say give it a whirl!