Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So I just got home from work after working some crazy hours this week - people out sick, having to cover while team members are out at meetings, etc. All the normal stuff we all do as staffing gets leaner during the holiday season! Exhausting but quite the norm this time of year.

Last week, I decided to try and leap back into my crafting by applying for the design team of a really cool Scrapbooking Kit Club that asks subscribers to focus their scrapping on themselves (on their inside self). I had a blast going outside of my comfort zone to create about me, and I was a bit excited about getting back in to this creative realm. However, I was pretty scared I wouldn't be able to really commit the time it deserved.

So I was secretly relieved to come home and find out that I had not been selected for the design team.  A little bummed out, but I knew that I hadn't been blogging in awhile and I threw together some fun layouts at the last minute. I didn't really plan out the story I wanted to tell or the spin I wanted to focus on.  I just made pretty layouts that were fun.

My rejection letter was beautifully written and actually empowering - which speaks volumes to the kit club.  So I thanked them for that - I literally emailed them back to say thank you :)

Now...I need to get back in to my crafty niche...and find the right next move for me in my creative life.

Thanks for the push SFTIO!

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