Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today was one of those days at work when I couldn't wait to get home to unwind. I plan on working out a bit (third day in a row - madness), but I needed to unravel a bit through creativity. 

I work with all kinds of families - some of which are much easier to work with than others. No matter the interaction, I know that they are going through surreal and challenging circumstances so some of our interactions are probably unique to their own normal. 

Anytime I have a difficult moment, I start to think about my family and how we have dealt with any unexpected circumstances. I have aunts who are blind, an uncle with a drug addiction, and a godson that was born hearing impaired. 

While many of these family experiences are unchangeable, I'm proud of how my family has faced them. There is no sitting back and doing nothing (though at times that would be easier!). We rally together and we do the best we can. 

One of my visually impaired aunts is more independent than I am!

One of my favorite memories is from October 2011. I ecstatically took part in the Walk-4-Hearing 5K. This walk divides its proceeds amongst many organizations working with the hearing impaired. One of the beneficiaries is a school called One Voice. This incredible institution provided the avenue in which Andy could learn to navigate beautifully in a Hearing world. 

I had a blast walking with Andy and his family. It felt amazing to see my younger relatives engage in service while having fun. I hope we can do more of this soon. 

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