Sunday, November 3, 2013



I've spent the last year delving deep in to a new world of work. I have loved every second, cried at how tired I've been and missed hanging out with my friends and family. 

However, I haven't regretted any second of this time because I truly think I'm where I'm supposed to be career-wise. I've been so exhausted yet happy that I haven't even delved into my crafty world goals! I haven't necessarily forgotten them. I've just realized that I needed to push back some of my personal crafty goal deadlines. And that's ok.

I've even missed blogging, but I have used Instagram to share my current lovely moments. Some have been crafty but many have been work and friend related. There have been beautiful babies born (Julian & Marco), and I've seen so many of my munchkins grow (Ellie, Roya, Marlena, Mateo, and Jaiden). I've eaten lots of incredible food and sprained multiple body parts so I've also gained a few unhealthy pounds from the decreased mobility. 

Am I happy? Yes!!!!

Body is feeling healthy. I've started eating better. I got a sassy new haircut. I've even been promoted twice in one year. Even I couldn't have imagined all that for one year!

So now it's time I recharge and recommit to all of it. I'm happy professionally, but now I need to better all the rest of it. My health, my soul and my love for exploring sharing my culture and self through art. Get ready for more regular posts!

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  1. Glad to see you posting!! LOVE the new do, girlie~! Hope you can come to the MS Crop next March. Sign ups just started :) Have a great evening <3