Friday, July 15, 2011

My first publication - Cricut Birthdays

Below is the original blog posting I had done on my first magazine submission ever.  Yes, you read that right.  My FIRST submission ever.  Little did I imagine that Cricut would fall in love with this card and notified me that I would be in their Birthday idea book.

Well, I'm on page 73 and here is a quick snapshot of the page.  Below is my original post with all the circut cuts needed to make this card.

Original post
Now that I have officially sent in the submission, I can start to post some of the submissions I made this weekend.  I wanted to try and stand out a bit, so I'm trying to make cards that use phrases in Spanish - can't hurt to be a little unique here, can it?

Well, the first birthday idea I knew I had to try and make was a quinceanera card!  This was my first time trying to use a layering item, so it was a bit tricky to get the sizing right.  I also accidentally hit "real size" which changes the way things are cut out.

Anyway, here is the final card with all the details below!  Let me know if you have any questions...I'll do my best to reply!

I love how cute this looks!  I purposely left out a mouth...I wanted to keep it a little anime like (an homage to my sis).

I used a crown from a different cartridge just so I could use multiple cartridges on one card.  I also really like the ribbon - a total fun find at a recent shopping trip.
How excited was I to finally receive and use these Stampin' Up! Spanish phrases stamps!
Feliz 15 (Quinceanera birthday card)

The celebration of a girl's 15th birthday in Latin American culture symbolizes the transition from childhood into young womanhood. In Mexico, if the teenager is Catholic, the quinceanera celebration begins with a mass in which the birthday girl wears a formal dress (almost like a western wedding dress).  A white dress is usually the most dominant but many girls will add fun embellishments or opt for other colors (silver, pink, blue, etc). 

  • Used Cricut Expression machine
Non-Cartridge SuppliesPaper Source - chocolate
The Paper Company Cardstock (starter pack) - Tan, Black, Hot Pink, White
AC Cardstock (Heavy Weight) - white (for underskirt)
Zig memories 2 Way Glue to adhere Our Craft Lounge Crafty Sprinkles in Chunky Crystal
Boutique Fleur Lace Embellishments by Recollections for Sash
Stampin' Up! Frases Basicas - Feliz (stamp)
Versa Color - Bark

Cartridges (with cuts)
Once Upon a Princess (Real Size)
Doll 2-s, 5.5 inches
Doll 2, 5.5 inches (cut twice)
Doll 2 Hair/Layer, 2 inch
Princss1, 4 inches (cut twice)
Prncs2-s, 3.5 inches

Ashlyn's Alphabet
numbers - 1.25 inch
crown, icon, #5 - 0.5 inch

Accent Essentials
Accnt48s - 5 inch
scored in half, inked with Versa Color Bark

Feliz 15 Block
1.5 inch x 1 5/8 inch white block
1 11/16 x 1.75 inch in chocolate block for mounting


  1. You did an amazing job! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us!

  2. Thank you so much, Missie! I share because I should...lord knows I have gained inspiration from others' blogs. Just paying it forward!