Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adorable baby photo awaits

One of my BFF's is having her baby today!  I have somehow convinced myself that it's a girl, but I'm now starting to think my plans for pink and sparkly wardrobes will be foiled.  Seems like everyone else thinks she's having a little boy.  Including my own dad!

Regardless.....I don't care.  It's another nugget of cuteness to hug and kiss a plenty!

One of my other friends was laughing at me because she says it seems like I'm busting at the seams.  That made me laugh.  I guess I've just been more public with how I feel...via this blog and facebook.  However, I'd like all my other mommy friends to know that I was equally as crazy when they had delivered.  Just ask my coworkers.  I'm a hot mess at work just waiting for the call or text and I'm not even the one delivering!

Because I don't know the sex or name of this baby, I'm feeling so clueless on what baby surprise gift to bring.  So much of the stuff out there is very stereotypically pink or blue, and though I don't hate it all, I'd much more prefer to do something specific.

So I actually think Baby Jimenez might just have to wait (gasp!) for my bday surprise.  I'm shaking my own head in disgust....this is NOT how I like to do things.

I blame the mama :)

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