Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walking through an open door

There is the saying that when opportunity knocks, you open the door.  Well, I've finally opened the door, and I am gladly walking through it!

I'm so excited I can't contain my excitement!!!

Not too long ago, I had accepted a facebook friend request from a gentleman who was the founder and editor of web magazine.  We had some mutual friends in common, so I thought it would be good to support his efforts.  Little did I know that there would one day be an opportunity to benefit from this friend request.  And yet....here it is!

He posted a call out for potential columnists and bloggers.  Topic submissions were open to a variety of issues and so I thought - what do I have to lose?  I sent him an email about my scrapbooking and couponing.  I totally wanted him to say that he wanted to learn more about my scrapbooking, but I assumed he would be intrigued about the couponing due to the state of the current economy.  Who am I kidding - I honestly didn't think he would be interested by either topic.

Well.......I'm super excited to share that he wants me to consider being a regular contributor on the topic of scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What?!!!!!

So now I'm thinking through what my first two articles will be.  I'm lucky to have many fellow scrapbookers whom I've reached out to for some guidance.  I've already gotten some amazing ideas on how to direct my first couple of posts - things I honestly didn't think about off-the-bat, but definitely great ideas.

Oh the planning!!!!!!!

I'm also working on two projects right now - one for a client that turns 40 at the end of the month, and the other project is my best friend's wedding invites.  Oh the creativity that is oozing out right now is energizing my super tired body!

Yoga might need to take a back seat for awhile...or at least studio based yoga. I'm going to try and at least go on the weekends and do my best to squeeze it in during the week.

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  1. Wonderful Super Cool!! You'll need to keep up that yoga...you might get tense from being hunched over all those scrapbooks and invitations!!