Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the great purge begin

When I first took on the challenge of blogging, I said I had two missions.

  1. Organize my scrapbook room
  2. Make myself a scrapbook

Well, three months later....and I have made little progress on these two goals.

Goal 1
Part of the problem in not pushing forward with my scrapbook room organization is that I really need to declutter my life.  I have SOOOOOO much stuff - much of which is not used or buried under stuff that I really need to let go.

With Spring finally here and the arrival of crappy weather this weekend, I finally started the great purge.  Piles of supplies, books, newspapers, scrapbook supplies are starting to drive me crazy.  They have invaded my everyday life, so I need to get organized everywhere in my house.

I started with the kitchen....
- Cleaned out the fridge (got rid of expired items)
- Tossed tupperware that had no lids....have no idea how lids get lost.  Tupperware is like socks in the dryer!
- Reorganized the pantry.

Now to the living room!  I am in the process of purging my bookshelf.  I hate to get rid of books, but I have to be honest with myself.  I am not a re-reader.  I'm not a movie re-watcher either.  There are very few books or movies that I will re-read/watch.  So I've gotten rid of the VHS tapes (yup, still had some) and re-gifted DVDs that I know that I won't watch anymore.  I also have a lot of textbooks and training curriculum from old jobs.  So off they go (most of them)!

I was most disappointed to learn that the Chicago Public Library system does not accept donations anymore :(  I definitely have some books that could be put on a shelf for others to enjoy.    After a little research though, I have some new possibilities for of which is the Naperville Public Library system where my parents live.

Goal 2
I previously mentioned that my February goal was to start a project for me.  That clearly didn't happen as I would have already shared the progress of it.  Work and other projects got in the way, but I'm restarting the mission.  I've reached out to my cousin in Mexico for some of his amazing pics.  I've also done some research on the history of Durango, Mexico.  There is so much I didn't know...and I've even surprised my parents with some of the information I've discovered.  It's been fun.  One of the items that I'll have to try one day is a garlic soup.  My parents had never heard of it, so I'll have to try making it.  My guess is that it's a vaquero (cowboy) soup that can be easily made while camping.  I'm totally intrigued :)

My previous post
Well, I never really intended to use my blog to whine/vent....but I guess I needed it.  Work hasn't gotten a ton better, but how I choose to respond to it is totally in my control.  There will be days where I will feel like I did on the day that I vented, so I'm apologizing in advance.  However, in general, I gotta just try to go with the flow and be almost militant about separating work and life!  Ha!  I vow to take care of me better so that I don't need to vent as often :)

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