Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Kia(s)

I'm chuckling that I'm writing about this because my friend mentioned I should when at the height of my anger earlier today.

What was the source of my anger today?  It has been the same make of car for the past couple of years...my Kia (both past and current).

 my first car = the total lemon known as the kia rio

my current car, not a lemon, but today damaged

To be fair to my current Kia, today's car accident was not the fault of the actual car.  It was a poor mistake that resulted in some damage.  Ugh.....

I am soooo ready to stop driving.  I'm not a bad driver at all, but it seems like my cars have been giving me the worst time lately, and I've been dishing out more money on them than I would like.

So can I get a hook-up?  I would like to have my own motorcade like my buddy, prez Obama :)

I need to make peace with my car of choice.  I have some serious bad mojo lurking around me and driving.  Any ideas?!  I'll just about try anything!

Oh...and my job kinda requires me to have a car, so taking the bus/train doesn't really work for what I do.

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