Friday, March 26, 2010

A fabulous dinner...

Last night, I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with my coworkers at Avec.  Absolutely yummy.  We didn't have a full meal, but we definitely sampled some delicious items and celebrated the time we've had with Asim.   My colleague Asim, is leaving us to go and work in DC for the Corporation for National & Community Service.

He is going to be amazing in his new position!  From the very first day I met him, it was clear that his passion was community involvement, service learning, and asset-based community development.  As members of the Office of Community Affairs staff, Asim was able to help our agency be very intentional about how we engage with the communities around us.  It is our purpose for existing at our institution, and he has been a vital piece of the team.  If we were going to lose him to any agency, I'm humbled to know that CNCS was the agency to recruit him.  Charge ahead and continue making us proud, Asim!

While at dinner, I was reminded about the awful post I made about work.  I believe the word Mel used yesterday was "heartbreaking post."  It's amazing how great it felt to know that she not only read the post but really felt the emotion behind it.

You see, Mel is married to my very cool boss, so she's been affected by our crazy workloads because she lives it too.  I tried to reassure her that I was in a much better place emotionally because all I really needed to do was vent and know that someone heard.  And many people sent words of encouragement...people I least expected to be paying attention to my silly blog.

And that helped more than anyone can imagine.  Because as last night reassured me, I looooooooove the team I work with.  We had an incredible time at dinner.  We laughed, we ate, we drank quite a bit...and we celebrated what makes us unique.  Our team isn't about titles/hierarchy, it's about the people we are TOGETHER.  Losing Asim will be tough on us, but we'll make a new normal for us.

A new normal that will continue to give us the opportunity to celebrate each other's successes, celebrate each other's talents (I was humbled to be asked to make Asim a goodbye scrapbook), and celebrate our FRIENDSHIP.'re a often a frustrating home, but you're my home.  Love you guys!


  1. Well Nubia I think this needs post needs to be edited. Shouldn't the line read, 'Very cool Mel is married to my boss?' :-) I'll overlook the obvious typo and say one benefit of having a very cool husband is getting to meet amazing people like you through him.

  2. Oh my...that is a huge typo for sure! ;) What it really should have said is that my boss is cool because his wife and kids are amazing!