Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To Conquer or Not to Conquer the Craft Room

Well, the time has come to officially embark on the grand overhaul of my craft room.  Having moved into a new space = a chance to start new, right?

Well, let's just look at the current state of affairs in casa de Nubia.  The situation is NO BUENO!

So, how do I even begin to tackle the disorganized chaos?  I was trying to create zones, but I soon realized that I needed a system because I still wasn't able to find things easily.  I mean, let's not ignore the fact that this is the ONLY room in the house that still has unpacked boxes.  Oy vey!

Thankfully, I happened across an organization webinar from The Scrap Rack company last year.  I had reviewed the first lesson last year and thought the concept was interesting.  I, however, didn't do the rest of the lessons. They ultimately would love it if you buy their products, but there is no purchase required to take the course.  So generous of them!

This time, I am going full force and am promising myself that I will finish this course and end up with a fantastic room.

Lesson one asked us to identify the 4 major benefits we will get from organizing our room and our rewards for completing each lesson.  Here's my board!

We also had some extra credit questions to answer, so I figured I'd keep on track and fully answer those too!

Next lesson is to tackle the paper - which I have a CRAP LOAD of, so lesson two is sure to be a painfully tedious process!  I'm planning to start that tomorrow!


  1. Hi! You asked about the paper dolls in my daughter's room tour- the answer is in this post: http://coreymoortgat.blogspot.com/2012/03/averys-room-addendum.html

    Good luck with your craft room cleanout!!

  2. I definitely need to put this on my door before walking into my home office!