Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finally: A Project!

It's been rather hectic since I got back from my trip to Puerto Rico, so I haven't had much time to craft in my room. In fact, the state of scrapbook room was pretty chaotic itself as I had been working on wedding stuff the night before I left.  Of course, I hadn't touched it since then.

Well, tonight I decided it was time to create a little space for me to create a piece for the Cricut Circle Weekly Challenge #27: Make a Game Plan.

The purpose of this week's challenge was to force us to sketch out a design for a layout.  I sketch a lot for cards and often just wing layouts, so I knew this was going to be fun to try.

I was shocked by how difficult it actually was, but here is my sketch.  Sorry it's on notebook paper!

sorry it's on its side...I can't figure out how to rotate it.  The jpeg opens right but when I insert it, it flips!
 Anyway, I decide to play with rule of three and made sure that certain colors, elements and shapes were repeated in threes.  

This layout captures the joy I had in becoming a godmother to my first god-DAUGHTER.  Up until that point, I had only godsons, and I was excited to have someone I could do girly things with.  Azul (yup, her name means Blue in Spanish) has a wonderful twin brother, named Andy - so she was always a bundle of energy around him and still is.  I remember that that weekend was hot, humid, and wonder she pooped out at the church!

I also wanted to incorporate a lot of blue into the page for her name....I'll have to make a more girly page later with lots of sparkle and embellishments because that is her true personality now-a-days.

My final version didn't exactly match what I sketched because I didn't draw to scale and quickly realized that I was going to have to work with what I cut (since I didn't have much of the coordinating paper).  The choices one has to make, right?

Here is the list of my supplies and cuts
DCWV - The Green Stack
DCWV - The Guy Stack
DCWV - The Jewel Colored Cardstock Stack
Paper Source - Eco White

Graphically Speaking
Image46s, 7 inches
Accent Essentials
Accent30, 1.25 inches & 1.5 inches
Accents1s, 1 inch & 1.25 inches

Plantin Schoolbook
Tall Ball font, 1.5 inches


  1. What a great layout! Your God Daughter is an angel! Good Luck in the challenge!

  2. You know I love her name. I am going copy your cousin & name my daughter that if I have! I will probably copy the layout too, but sooner, like next week...hehehe!