Sunday, July 11, 2010

A fun July

I have to admit, July has turned out to be a fun month with my friends and family (and their kids).

First of all, the Atluri clan has made their annual summer trip to Chicago.  All my godbaby's are in one city right now and I don't know what to do with myself.

First, we have M&M....Malena and Mateo who are now officially 19 months old.  Last time I saw them was in December for their first birthday, so they've grown soooo much!  Jaiden, their older brother, is in town too, but he's too busy running around to let me take a pic.  He's like the energizer bunny right now, and he's absolutely testing the limits with his parents.  Oh the joys of being three!  LOL!

Anyways, I took a Friday off from work so that I could spend sometime with the kids.  Jaiden ran around with his older cousins, so Jospehine (the mama) and I took to M&M to Target.  This was my view for the whole car ride:

How can you not want to eat these little faces!  Just adorable.  They are both getting over their stranger danger stage a bit, so it's been a little easier to steal one away from mom and dad to snuggle or go do something fun.  Malena has since gotten her ears pierced and loves showing off her earrings.  Such a diva already!

This past weekend, we all attended Noah's first birthday party.  All the parents are my friends from college, so it's a ton of fun when we all get together.  Here is my cutie pie, the birthday boy with his papa:

By next year's party, he'll have a little sister to contend soak up all the attention you can, Noah :)

Noah had a Noah's ark themed party.  There were kiddie pools for the kids to cool off in during the sunny portion of the day (it was boiling that day), then we had an ark-shaped cake (absolutely adorable) before the petting zoo arrived!  Oh my goodness was that fun.  Here are some fun shots of Noah, Malena, Mateo, Jaiden and new friends!

Jaiden and Mateo (in matching shirts) were sitting next to each other until this adorable little girl decided she wanted to sit in between them for cake.  LOL!  She got up on the bench and made them separate.

See the bucket of grain....Mateo and Malena had their little hands in there so fast.  They loved to feed the quack-quacks and baa-baas.  Squeals of delight!

Mateo and Jaiden also loved climbing the fence when no one was looking.  Someone had to race over to make sure they didn't fall in or fall off the fence!

The birthday boy and I had a little quiet time.  He was in such a great mood that day (except when everyone sang happy birthday - we startled him a bit).  I definitely need a little more time with him - he's growing so fast!

This butterfly stayed on Mrs. Farhan's shoulder for almost the entire time we were outside.  It was so content!

It's really hard to get Josephine to stand still for a bit for a photo (she's always running after one kid or another), but I was able to catch this moment with Mateo. 

Lastly, this is one of my favorite shots from the day.  Pramod called me over to see if I could catch this moment and I sure did!  Look at how brave Jaiden is in feeding the llama.  Super brave little boy!

I love my munchkins to death!  I can't wait to see you all again.  Hugs and Kisses!!!

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