Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emma's note

Today I received my first (and probably last) letter from camp.  My adorable friend Emma has been busy dancing and will be coming home soon, so I'm actually quite touched to have received a letter at tall.  I heard from her mom that she has been working hard and gets back to her cabin absolutely exhausted!  I'm actually going to get to see her next week, so I can't wait to hear all about what she's learned and the friends she made.

Anyway.....I was super excited to come home and find the adorable handwriting of a teenage girl-addressed envelope.  You know what I'm talking about....that slightly bubbled curvy handprint.  Soooo cute!

I was most touched by her opening sentences: 

"OMG! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quote book thing you made me.  I can not wait to show you what I did with it!" 

The color added to the text above is an exact duplicate of what I see on the paper :)  I can feel the excitement and genuine gratitude.  Here's a sneak peek at what the book looked like:

You can see a full description of the book in my other blog.

Emma's reaction is what I love about scrapbooking the most!  The genuine surprise at receiving something handmade and custom designed can cause a fun response.  I'm happy I was able to surprise sweet Emma.

I absolutely can't wait to see what she filled it with!

I can't wait to have more moments like these with Emma AND Finn!  Here's to a lifetime of funnies and love, Elsmos.  See you soon!

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  1. I am so excited to see her I could just bust!